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Spa Covers


Measuring your cover may seem simple, and for the most part it is but to make sure it's done accurately we've provided you with some pointers.

If you'd rather we take your measurements for you just let us know.

Spa Cover Model



Although measuring the length and width is part of it there are some other things we need to know to ensure a proper fit for your tub. Following the directions below you can fill out our order form.

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When measuring your cover be sure to measure it to the closest quarter inch or centimeter. Use your existing cover rather than the tub as lips and rounded edges can be confusing and difficult to measure accurately. (See Diagram 1)


Some spas have square corners and some have curved corners and there can be several degrees in between. the "Radius" of your corner tells us how sharp or wide the curve is. The simplest way to measure this is to take a carpenter's square and place it at the corner of your existing cover. Measure the distance from the imaginary corner if it were perfectly square to the point when the edge comes flush with the carpenter's square. if it measures 6 inches then your cover has a 6 inch radius. (See Diagram 2)


If your cover has the same length and width it's square and the Fold is of no real concern as you can always rotate the cover to fit. However, when covers are not perfectly square or have unusual shapes we need to know which way the cover folds. A "Standard Fold" means the longest edge is cut in two. An "Opposite Fold" means the shortest edge is cut in two. (See Diagram 3)


The thickness of the cover determines the heat retention as well as the stability for how much weight a cover can support. Thicknesses range from:

  • 3" Flat
  • 3" to 2" Taper
  • 4" Flat
  • 4" to 3" Taper
  • 5" to 4" Taper
  • 5" to 4" Taper - Walk-On *

A taper allows for water run off and proper drainage and is preferred in our Canadian climate. The thicker the cover the more weight it can hold (snow and ice).

*Walk-On covers are made from a more dense foam that will allow for an adult to stand on the cover. this is typically suited for tubs sunken in decks where there is a possibility someone could walk across accidentally or for unusually high snow loads.


This is the flap which hangs down from the cover that contributes to a proper seal between the tub and cover so water and heat stays in. Typically these are a 4 inch length but can be customized longer or shorter. * Additional fees may apply.


All our covers come with marine grade vinyl in a wide selection of colors.

"Ambassador" colors are textured and are slightly more expensive. (photo colors may vary from actual color)


Typically covers come with 1 to 2 handles per side to open your cover but this can be customized by indicating so on our form.


Regulations require that all spa covers have locking straps to prevent young children from enering the hot tub without supervison and avoid accidental drowning. Keys are provided to lock or unlock the cover. The back end of the locking clips are screwed into the spa cabinet or deck.


For Cover Lifter models click here




Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

Spa Cover Colors

Click here for full size - high resolution PDF

If you would rather... we can measure your tub for you


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