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Spa Covers


Is your cover so heavy it takes two hands or even two people to open your spa? Is the cover sagging? It may be time for a new cover.

Spa Covers are a crucial part of your spa, they help retain heat as well as prevent debris from entering your tub that can cause damage or water chemistry imbalance. They also minimize water evaporation.

We provide simple, reliable and affordable spa cover replacement and spa cover lifters.

Damaged cover



We carry a premium line of spa covers for many makes and models in a wide variety of colors with extra upgrades that we consider STANDARD:

  • Marine grade Vinyl skin with U.V. and mildew / mold resistance
  • Tapered covers that allow for snow and water run off
  • Custom skirt lengths to cover acrylic and ensure proper heat seal
  • CFC-Free virgin steam cured foam
  • 1.5 pound or higher density foam core for better heat retention (3" gives 13.11 R factor)
  • Aluminum reinforced spine for added support
  • Our foam cores are DOUBLE wrapped with thicker vapour barriers to prevent water absorption
  • Rienforced stitching for lasting durability
  • Four lockable child safety straps with keys
  • Durable handles
  • * Additional options are also available upon request

We offer 4" to 3" taper, 5" to 4" taper and even "Walk-On Covers" that will support the weight of extra snow, ice and even a person walking across it for added security.

We offer home delivery service and will ensure you are taken care of. Unlike online order places you know where to find us and our primary goal is your satisfaction.

Spa Cover colors

For larger color selection click here

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Model Cover





Measure Your Cover

For tips on how to measure your tub cover Click here


Ask us to measure it for you for a nominal service fee.


Spa Cover Measure



We carry a variety of spa cover lifters that assist in removing and replacing spa covers on the tub as well as supporting or holding them without the need to place the covers on the ground which can cause premature cover deterioration.

Cover Lifters

UltraLift VISION

UltraLift Vision Hydraulic Lifter
gets you all the way to the floor!
UltraLIFT Vision Cover Lift allows your cover to go all the way to the ground, deck, or patio giving you an unobstructed view.

And because of the patented design you can open and close your cover with ease.

UltraLift Vision

Cover Companion

This cover lifter is our best seller. Simple design with few moving parts, compatible with almost any cover. Mounted to the hot tub cabinet sides. Requires 18-24" clearance behind tub for cover to move on or off and rest. Can have height of open cover adjusted.

Cover Companion

Cover Mate 3

This cover lifter is designed with a gas shock to assist in opening and closing the cover. Mounts to the tub cabinet sides and requires only 12" clearance behind. Cover sits high to provide privacy and wind break.

CoverMate 3


Ultra-Lift Undermount

This heavy duty cover lifter can be installed one of three ways:

Using flat plates placed under the tub so the tub supports all weight. No need to drill into your tub cabinet.

Mounted to your wood deck.

Mounted to the tub cabinet sides.

Simple design, easy to use. Requires 18-24" clearance behind tub.



Cover Caddy

This unique cover lifter is designed to sit behind the tub and "catch" the cover in it's basket design. The lifter is supported by a flat plate placed under the tub so no need to drill into your tub cabinet. Requires 3-4 feet clearance behind tub.

Can even be used on round and odd shaped hot tubs.

Cover Caddy

Cover Roller

This cover remover is more of a shelf with rollers that is installed onto the back of the tub cabinet. It allows the folded over cover to slide onto the shelf. It sits flat and therefore does not obstruct your view. Does require half the width of your cover clearance behind the tub.



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