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Marquis Spas


Surround your Marquis hot tub with custom Environments™ modules to transform your outdoor living space into your personal hot tub utopia.

Designed and built by Marquis with the same exacting quality of craftsmanship and durable materials, the Environments perfectly complement your hot tub and add a higher level of sophistication to your environment.

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Step It Up

Marquis offers a Step I for short hot tubs, Step II for higher tubs, a Wish Step and curved steps for that unique façade. Or get creative and put a Step I in front of a bench for a more significant entry.


warm the bench

Not only can you take a seat by the hot tub, you can also store supplies inside the bench. A sturdy hinged lid keeps everything out of sight.


we've got you cornered

Adding a corner module really helps marry the Environments to the hot tub. Available in two radii to fit new and older Marquis spas.

Corner Bench

come out of the cabinet

Marquis' tall cabinets create a spa-side table for snacks or candles as well as open with a front door to stash your stuff.



Who doesn't need a spot for beverages and snacks? The counter cabinets provide just that and more. The two cabinets have storage doors topped by a counter, plus a small shelf below is perfect for extra towels. Use it spa-side or freestanding by the house…it's super stylish.

Bar Table
extras, extras
  • Shelves come in various sizes to fit Marquis hot tubs and attach with metal brackets.
  • Stools nestle up to the hot tub under the shelves.
  • Planters fit side-by-side with benches and include a liner.
  • Towel bar of acrylic attaches to the hot tub to keep those towels dry.


We Have many environments on Display in Our Showroom


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